Hi I am currently having problems with my acer switch 10E. Therefore, if you wish to apply this package, click the download button, and setup the wireless card on your system. Many users are unaware that the button is even there so it can often be switched accidentally. If anyone else comes across this problem, this might help you. Join the cause and tell your state representative to support Right to Repair. What does the Device Manager show?

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AND, there is a magnetic property on the front of the system which makes me wonder if it is causing interference. The wi-fi option is not even available, it just lets me connect with a an ethernet cable to the router, that a computer uses.

How to Connect an Acer Aspire to Wi-Fi

Hi Kamilo — can other devices connect to the same network? I can reconnect but this keeps happening every couple minutes wifj is very annoying. Stand up acer aspire 1810tz wifi your right to repair! Maybe I have misread your question and if so apologies but have you uninstalled the WLAN adapter in Device Manager not just the drivers and then restarted the laptop and allowed Windows to reinstall it?

Is the connection definitely ok — have you tried connecting to acer aspire 1810tz wifi WiFi using another device? Hi, I have an acer aspire E15, it has axer accounts on it mine, my partners and guest. My Wifi key does not turn on the Wifi lamp as well.

If D-drive doesn’t exist in your laptop then change the letter d to c. Hi, i have the same problem. I also disconnected and reconnected the cables, but still no success.

Product support

Small Business – Chron. All other laptops and phones do tho with no problem.

Recently, I seem to just not be able to have wifi. I restored factory settings to see if that acer aspire 1810tz wifi help, but no luck. My acer aspire wont connect with wifi, it say windows cant connect please help me why is that?

You ever acer aspire 1810tz wifi something like this before? Other than that do you have any suggestions on how I can restore my wireless adapter… I checked device manager and only my Ethernet adapter is present.

How can we fix to the acer also will recive normal internett? Do you know which one is it? Hi jayeff I’m sorry, my english isn’t the best. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

Download Acer Aspire TZ Intel WLAN Driver for Windows 7

No internet access” even though the wifi symbol has excellent signal connection. I have an Acer Aspire P and recently am unable to turn wifi on. You can do the following to check if you have a wireless adapter installed: Is acer aspire 1810tz wifi a good question?

All of my other devices work great on my network. I afer done a driver scan and no problems were revealed. Tried to open it up again but cannot.

When they are using it lets say in the basement the pc works perfectly fine most of the time sometimes it disconnects with 180tz one being in the house. The best option here, as you had already started the update process, is to try to complete the update to Windows acer aspire 1810tz wifi Windows Update Error EE2. Those 2 cables attached to the WiFi card are antenna cables.

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